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“How to choose a commercial property for investment so that it rents well? It’s easier with an apartment: I bought a one-room apartment or a two-room apartment closer to the transport hub, where it’s convenient to get from, made a neat repair, bought furniture from Ikea, and that’s it.” This is a common question that clients ask me during individual consultations. And I can say that there is nothing complicated in it

Reasoning should be built according to the following scheme: in order for me to receive stable rental payments, so that I can index the rent annually, it must be profitable for the tenant to rent a room.

“What does profitable mean? - you ask. “Renting a room is a cost!” Nothing like this. Business premises are investments. For example, you are a developer of expensive software. You want to hire good programmers, but they don't want to work in a shabby building and in a shabby office with scary toilets to go into. This means that you will invest in a good quality office.

Or another example. You open a meat shop on the odd side of the highway, at the entrance to the city, at a favorable rate, but are surprised that there are no customers. Why? Because people don't buy meat on their way to work, they do it when they get home. Therefore, the exit highway from the city will always be crowded with visitors on the even side (on the right hand side), because people do not want to turn their car around and because meat is bought in the evening or on weekends before leaving for a picnic.

What is the first conclusion that can be drawn from the given examples? You must think like an entrepreneur who rents an office or retail space for himself. Then, when looking for a room for investment, you will immediately choose an option that can be quickly rented out.


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